New location! Jan Hus Church

After 7 months of tireless searching, the Core Group has found a new host site for our CSA: Jan Hus Presbyterian Church.

Therefore, we also have a new url for our website:

Going forward, all news about our CSA will be published there.

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TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat” viewing party

Please join fellow CSA members this Saturday for a TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat” viewing party.
TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat” is a full day of talks broken into three sessions – Issues, Impact, and Innovation – exploring the state of our food system and our progress towards sustainability. We will be showing the live webcast of the talks throughout the day.
Deb and Pete Kavakos of Stoneledge Farm will be speaking during the lunch break, as well as Chelsea CSA lead coordinator Lillian Quartuccia. Please bring your own lunch.
Live Webcast Details:
Saturday, January 21, 2012
10am – 6pm
Hudson Guild Elliot Center
441 West 26th St. (between 9th and 10th aves)
New York NY 10001
Attendance is free and everyone is welcome to come by throughout the day so feel free spread the word!
View flyer here to learn more about our viewing party:
Visit the TEDxManhattan website to learn more about the talks:
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Food and Farm Bill

Many of us became CSA members because we care deeply about where our food comes from and how it is grown. The Farm Bill currently being hashed out in congress could have a great impact on those issues for all Americans.

Just Food (of which we are a member) sent this message today:

Join Just Food and more than 100 other food and farming organizations, writers, educators, and chefs that are urging  Congressional representatives to support a federal Food and Farm Bill that will end hunger, promote health, and support strong, regional farm and food economies.

The Farm Bill–or what food justice advocates more appropriately call this wide-reaching legislation as the “Food and Farm Bill”–was initially scheduled for completion in 2012, but is right now being negotiated behind closed doors without public input as part of the deficit-agreement in the congressional Super Committee process. This will deprive the country of a once in every five year opportunity to reform the nation’s food system.

The NYC Food and Farm Bill Working Group has sent the NYC Food & Farm Bill Principles and Why NYC Cares statements to key legislators on the Congressional Super Committee and House and Senate Agriculture Committees, who right now are making decisions on the next Food and Farm Bill without the democratic participation of the people.

Your voice counts!

Individuals, sign-on to show your support for the Principles today!

Organizations who have not yet signed-on, you are invited to do so by emailing

All are welcome to get even more involved in the organizing efforts of the NYC Food and Farm Bill Working Group! You can do so by contacting today.

Thank you for your support and action!

We encourage our members to learn about this important issue, and sign on individually if they choose. The links above will give you some excellent background, as well as contact information for your elected representatives.

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Fruit Share, 11/21

Fruit Share
  • 1 bag Bosc Pears and Winesap Apples
  • 1 bag Golden Delicious Apples and Fuji Apples
  • 1 jug Cider-locally grown and produced. UV’d, refrigerate when you get home.  If you are not going to use the Cider right away, freeze for later use.
  • 1 jar Stoneledge Farm Apple Sauce. 100% local Fruit, no sugar added.  Peter felt that the Stoneledge Farm Apple Sauce would be a perfect addition to the last Fruit Share and just in time for Thanksgiving.
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Farmer’s Note, November 21st Fruit Share

Dear CSA Member
What a season we have all endured.  The farm has been sustained with the support and commitment of the CSA members and we can not express completely our sincere gratitude.  As farmers we know the power of nature and respect both the devastation and also the blessings that are part of working within the natural world.
Seed catalogs arrive every day and we are placing orders for supplies needed for the spring.  The fields are covered with a Winter Rye cover crop.  The garlic is planted and waiting for the spring.
As we look forward to the upcoming season we are filled with a sense of gratitude and commitment to our CSA members and renewed understanding of what it means to be a CSA farm.
With heartfelt thanks.  Happy Thanksgiving.
Deborah, Pete, Peter Jr. and Arliss
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Lewis Waite Farm order reminder

If you plan on ordering any turkeys or CSA extras for pick-up next Tuesday, November 22nd, orders must be placed by tonight. Items will be delivered to the Yorkville CSA location.

News about the Turkeys!
The Turkeys are here! This year, once again, Stonewood DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH turkeys in the SMALLER SIZES that we ordered for you. I am sorry but we had to give some of you birds a bit larger than you asked for. We had to give about an extra pound to all the people who ordered under 16 pounds. For everyone who wrote us notes about special sizes, we did our best to give you what you asked for.
The extra birds we have left now for any late plans are between 16.75 and 17.9 pounds.  We have made these available on our website, under Turkeys, All Natural -SWF.
We have assigned all the birds so , so you can reply to this email with inquiries. There may also be some smaller Uncle Broc’s pastured turkeys, but we are not sure about the total number or weights, so orders will be honored in the sequence received.

Thanksgiving Meal Ideas:

  • Keep the hungry hoards happy while the Turkey cooks with a cheese platter built from our great selection of local cheeses. Why go to Murray’s when you can get Kunik from us, delivered with your turkey? We also have a wide selection of soft and hard cheeses from goat, sheep and raw cow’s milk. Please let us know if you have questions, or want sampler ideas!
  • Kick your stuffing up a notch with 8-grain 3-seed bread crumbs – order a loaf and let it get a little stale. Under Bread, Hearth baked.
  • Add a flavorful chutney to your cheese spread or stuffing for a complex flavor. Under Jams and Chutneys.
  • Add a bottle of Putney Bubbly Sparkling Cider – pure sparkling cider with no additives. In a wine bottle, to dress up the kids’ table! Under Juice, Sparkling!
  • Make a lamb meatball appetizer, or toss some into lasagna for an Italian Thanksgiving! Barbara at Argyllshire is offering her lamb sausage on sale for the holiday – get them while they last! Under Lamb – Grass Fed and Finished -AF
  • Put out a bowl of Battenkill Crumble, a tasty snack that is sure to satisfy without filling you up! Under Energy Bars.
  • Cut up a delicious smoked Kielbasa for crackers and cheese. We have both beef and pork.
  • Make devilled eggs with a dozen Farm Fresh Eggs!
  • Put out a tube of liverwurst with your cheeses! Available under Beef, Grass Fed and Finished – LWF. You can request only one tube in the special instructions.
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