Food and Farm Bill

Many of us became CSA members because we care deeply about where our food comes from and how it is grown. The Farm Bill currently being hashed out in congress could have a great impact on those issues for all Americans.

Just Food (of which we are a member) sent this message today:

Join Just Food and more than 100 other food and farming organizations, writers, educators, and chefs that are urging  Congressional representatives to support a federal Food and Farm Bill that will end hunger, promote health, and support strong, regional farm and food economies.

The Farm Bill–or what food justice advocates more appropriately call this wide-reaching legislation as the “Food and Farm Bill”–was initially scheduled for completion in 2012, but is right now being negotiated behind closed doors without public input as part of the deficit-agreement in the congressional Super Committee process. This will deprive the country of a once in every five year opportunity to reform the nation’s food system.

The NYC Food and Farm Bill Working Group has sent the NYC Food & Farm Bill Principles and Why NYC Cares statements to key legislators on the Congressional Super Committee and House and Senate Agriculture Committees, who right now are making decisions on the next Food and Farm Bill without the democratic participation of the people.

Your voice counts!

Individuals, sign-on to show your support for the Principles today!

Organizations who have not yet signed-on, you are invited to do so by emailing

All are welcome to get even more involved in the organizing efforts of the NYC Food and Farm Bill Working Group! You can do so by contacting today.

Thank you for your support and action!

We encourage our members to learn about this important issue, and sign on individually if they choose. The links above will give you some excellent background, as well as contact information for your elected representatives.

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