Farmer’s Note, November 7th Fruit Share

Please note: As of now (Friday 11/4/11) the Core Group is still waiting to finalize a new location for our weekly distributions for 2012. The new Farmigo registration system requires an address be entered, and so you will notice we are not yet listed when you go to register for next year’s share. We appreciate the patience of our members, as well as any tips on possible sites.
Dear CSA Member
Our online CSA 2012 Registration is now open.  This is a new system and so everyone will need to register the first time as a new member.  If you would like to order from the CSA Market Place you can order from the online store by registering there as well.  You do not need to order a 2012 CSA share to order from the Market Place.
Three new products are now available on the Market Place:  Apple Butter, Pear Butter and Raspberry Jam.  They are all delicious. The Apple and Pear butters are made from local fruit.  The Raspberry Jam-no seeds-is made from our own Certified Organic Raspberries.  The holidays are right around the corner and many members have found honey, maple syrup, coffee and now, preserves, pickles, sauce and salsa make great gifts.  Please order soon because there are only two deliveries remaining.  The last delivery will be on November 21.
If you have any questions about registration or ordering from the CSA Market Place just send us an e-mail and we will be back in touch.
Fruit Share delivery this upcoming week November 7.  The fruit is just beautiful.  This week the first Fuji Apples, Cameo Apples, and Golden Delicious Apples and Bosc Pears.  We are also sending a 1/2 gallon jug of award winning Eco-Apple, fresh, no preservatives added Apple Cider.  It is freshly pressed and by NYS law, UV’d.  It has a bright fresh taste and will need to be refrigerated when you take it home. If you are not going to use it right away, it will freeze “beautifully” says Elizabeth Ryan, the orchardist and cider maker.
We thought we would give cider a try.  Let us know what you think.
Such beautiful fall weather and no snow for this week.
Deborah for
Pete Sr., Peter Jr., Arliss
Stoneledge Farm
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