Lewis Waite Farm order reminder

Just a reminder that orders must be placed by this coming Wednesday, November 2nd, for delivery on Tuesday, November 8th. Pick-up will be at the Yorkville CSA location as usual. Below you’ll find product updates, as well as information about ordering turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Turkeys
We have special procedure for ordering Thanksgiving Turkeys. Since Stonewood Farm needs our order by Nov 8th, we need our orders from you by Nov. 7th (Monday). We also offer our full array of other products to round out your Thanksgiving meal, with a later deadline, so we have to separate the Turkey orders from the other products ordered. When you sign in, there will be a special link “Place my Thanksgiving Turkey Order,” which will take you to the dropdown bar which will only have Thanksgiving Turkey as a product. That will take you to all the Turkeys we have available for ordering. To edit this order, use 10-3-11 as the order you wish to Edit.
Any other items you’d like with your Turkey MUST BE ORDERED SEPARATELY, under the delivery date closest to Thanksgiving for your pickup site [11/22 for the Yorkville delivery].

If you have any questions, problems, or concerns, please call the office, and Nancy, Caroline, and Joanna are happy to answer questions or take your order by phone: 518-692-3120.

Product Updates
Beth’s Farm Kitchen: has Apricot Jam back in stock! Try some Cranberry Sauce for your holiday meal!
Farmer Ground Flour: – reminder- is discontinuing baking mixes, and we have just a few left.
Lewis Waite Farm: just got our smoked pork back, and will be making bacon available! We are also restocked on all flavors of pork sausage links and bulk.
Sweet Spring Farm: Jeffrey is back in action making his wonder goat Chevre again, but his Feta won’t be available for a little bit as it needs to age. You can try the sheep milk feta from 3 Corner Field Farm, or the raw cow milk feta from West River Creamery.
West River Creamery: Pork, Garlic, and Parmesan sausage is back! You can find this under Lamb and Pork, Naturally raised.

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