Lewis Waite Farm order reminder

If you are planning on ordering any CSA extras from Lewis Waite Farm, your order must be placed by tonight (Wednesday 10/5) for pick up this coming Tuesday, October 11th. Distribution will be at the Yorkville CSA location, conveniently during the same time period as the fruit distribution at Lenox Hill and just a few blocks away.

Product Updates
Argyllshire Farm: has posted new inventory, including the return of the Sweet Italian lamb sausage. Barbara has also raised her prices again, just a little.
Cayuga Pure Organics: is low on Spelt berries, so Farmer Ground Flour is low on Spelt Flour. All we have here in stock is all we will be getting until this year’s harvest is dry.
Lewis Waite Farm: has checked in the pork sausage and smoked items today, and we have BACON!  We also expect to be getting beef back late this week or early next week, so write now if you want something saved for you!
Porter Ridge Farm: Organic chickens now available!

Current Specials
Farmer Ground Flour: is continuing the sale on 5 lb bags of cornmeal until the end of the month. This is meal from organic, non GMO corn!
Lewis Waite Farm: is offering Mock Tender roasts on sale.  An often under-rated cut from the Chuck primal, the Mock Tender is an excellent, flavorful cut that is best enjoyed braised. It can be tough, so many people also recommend adding some sort of acid, like wine or vinegar, to your braising liquid to help break down the muscle fibers. Try one for $7.25/lb – mostly one pound or just over.

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