Lewis Waite Farm order reminder

Even though there’s no more harvest from Stoneledge this year, we can still place orders for CSA extras from Lewis Waite. They must be in by Wednesday, Sept. 21st for delivery on Tuesday, Sept. 27th at the Yorkville CSA distribution location.

Product Updates
Farmer Ground Flour: Is discontinuing White Bread flour in all sizes. They are keeping the white pastry, but what we have now in white bread flour will be the end.
Lewis Waite Farm: Has the old recipe Beef Frankfurters from Noack’s Meats back in stock. We got beef back yesterday, and will post it as soon as we can. You can always write to reserve something if you’ve been waiting!
Manx Station: Glen is introducing a Sandwich Steak, cut from the Top Round.
Nettle Meadow Dairy: has Crane Mountain, their pure semi-aged goat cheese available again.
West River Creamery: Pork Garlic and Parmesan Sausage is back! You can find this and West River’s other great sausage flavors under “Lamb and Pork, raised naturally.”

Current Specials
Argyllshire Farm: Young Mutton cuts remain on sale!
Farmer Ground Flour: Sale on Cornmeal, 5 lb bags! Save $1.25/lb!! Make your own tortillas, cornbread, or see this week’s recipe for a quick and easy cornmeal dumpling that you can add to many meals.
Lewis Waite Farm: Sale on our 100% Grass Fed and Finished, Cajun Andouille Sausage Links! Try these lean beef sausages for $1/off per lb. AND on shank pieces! Get your crock pot going with these beef shanks for $3.99/lb.

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