Lewis Waite Farm order reminder

If you plan to order any products from Lewis Waite Farm for the next delivery, you must place your order by Wednesday, September 7th at midnight. Delivery will be Tuesday, September 13th, at the Yorkville CSA location.

Product Updates
               Argyllshire Farm: Fresh supply of lamb in and posted on the web.
               Cayuga Pure Organics: They’ve promised they will include Red Merlot beans in this shipment, so keep your fingers crossed.
               Manx Station Farm: Has posted updated inventory on their wet aged Belted Galloway.
               Stonewood Farm: Peter Stone has let us know that they are now out of ground turkey, dark turkey, sweet and hot Italian – what we have is all we are getting until October!
Current Specials:
               Argyllshire Farm: Barbara is continuing her special on Young Mutton cuts, you can find these with the Lamb, Grass Fed and Finished – AF.
               Nettle Meadow Dairy: Three Sisters cheese on sale! You can try these small buttons of  blended Jersey Cow cream, sheepm, and goats’ milk for $19.99/lb! We have a few left that are reaching peak ripeness!

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