Effects of Hurricane Irene

New York City mostly escaped serious damage from this weekend’s hurricane, but the towns upstate were not as lucky. Above is a picture of the farm, all 150 acres submerged in water. Everyone at Stoneledge is safe, thankfully, the water is receding, and farm life is getting back to normal.

In Deb’s words:

Our farm and the surrounding area has been devastated by the storm.  We recieved 10-14 inches of rain and have had severe flooding.  The National Guard has now arrived in the area and clean up has started.  Our fields were under 4-10 feet of water. Everyone is OK.  Pete and my house is on high ground and so we had a place for everyone to gather until the water went down. We are going to start to get the major trees cleared today and as the sun shines and dries things out, we will be better able to take a look at what crops remain.

More photos are posted on the farm’s website, if you want to see the extent of the damage.

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