Week 12 Delivery

UPDATE: As of 2:30PM Sunday, the delivery is scheduled for Monday afternoon as usual. The report from Stoneledge is that they’ve received over 10″ of rain, the fields are flooding, & they keep losing power. But by tomorrow, it should be sunny & the major highways should be clear–so we’ll see you at Lenox Hill between 4 and 6:30PM!

  • Cluster Tomatoes-1 basket
  • Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes-1 basket
  • Leeks-1 bunch
  • Peppers-Biscayne-3 Long, lighter green
  • Peppers-Diablo-3 Long, darker green
  • Carrots-1 pound
  • Hot Peppers-3 if you like
  • Summer Savory or Summer Thyme-1 bunch-almost dry.  If you would like to finish drying the bunch, hang up and you can use it later during the cold months
  • Eggplant-Bell-1
  • Cabbage-2 heads
Fruit Share
  • White Peaches, Yellow Peaches-1 bag (together in the bag)
  • Vanier Plums-1 basket
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