Lewis Waite Farm order reminder

If you plan to order any products from Lewis Waite Farm for next week, you must place your order by Wednesday, August 17th at midnight. Delivery will be next Tuesday, August 23rd, at the Yorkville CSA location.

Product Updates:
Beth’s Farm Kitchen: We have a new offering from Beth’s this month – they have made their new batches of Bread and Butter Pickles! The new cucumbers are prolific and the pickles are tasty. We got a small batch to start and will have them through the fall as their supply lasts.
Lewis Waite Farm: New inventory in beef and pork being posted.
Mack Brin Farm: Julie Ann has made arrangements with her certified poultry processor to provide some chicken pieces. We now have pastured chicken liver, necks and feet on the website. We will be having about 60 new birds per month in the coming months and remember that pastured birds get pretty cold by October so that is usually the end of the pasturing season! Stock up now!
Manx Station Farm: New inventory posted.
Stonewood Farm Turkey: Peter has let us know that until the fall they will be out of Dark ground Turkey and Hot Italian turkey sausage, so all that is left on our website is all we can send. For those of you who like it hot, try the Cajun flavor, or our lean beef hot sausage.
West River Creamery:  Sausages! Lamb Sausage with Red Wine and Feta Cheese and Pork Maple sausages are finally back on the shelves. Jane’s famous recipe that many of you have been waiting for all spring is ready to order. They are out of pork garlic and parmesan sausage for a couple of weeks before they get more.

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