Week 8 delivery

Check back for updates by Sunday evening. [updates in red]
  • Summer Spinach-1 bunch
  • Summer Squash-1 pound-yes, the Summer Squash has been feeling the heat and is starting to slow down
  • Cucumbers-3-What a crazy bunch of Cucumbers this season.  We planted two heirloom varieties Boothby Blonde and Poona Kheera Cucumber.  They are so very good to eat but so unpredictable in their looks.  Big, small, fat, skinny, white, yellow, green to brown.
  • Walla Walla Onion-1 bulb
  • Tomatillo-1 pound
  • Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes-1 basket
  • Opal Basil-1 bunch
  • Lilac Peppers-2 each
  • Yellow Banana Peppers-2
  • Orient Eggplant-3
  • Okra-3 pieces-leave it on the Swap table if you don’t like Okra. 
  • Slicing Tomatoes-1 pound
Fruit Share
  • Yellow Peaches & White Nectarines – 1 bag packed together
  • 1 basket Sugar Plums-local
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