Lewis Waite Farm order reminder

The next delivery of LWF products will be Tuesday, August 9th, at the Yorkville CSA location. If you plan to get anything, your order must be placed by Wednesday, August 3rd.

Product Updates
Argyllshire Farm: New Lamb inventory posted: leg steaks, loin chops, and a few ground lamb.
Egg Producers: The hens have had a hard time with the heat wave, and slowed laying. Luckily, the pullets have started laying and we now have Small & Medium Eggs! We will be getting only a limited number of Large & Extra Large, please indicate if you really want either of these sizes.
Farmer Ground Flour: is discontinuing the 2lb size of White Pastry and White Bread Flour, so the inventory we have will be all we get.
Harry’s Honey House: Derek at Harry’s packs up Raw Honey for us each fall, and what we have posted now is the last of his supply. If you are a Raw devotee, order now!
Lewis Waite Farm: Bacon and linked pork sausages are in.
Manx Station Farm: New inventory posted!
West River Creamery: Londonderry available! Jane is also making Chevre rolls in three flavors now: Plain, Chive, and Ginger. We are also waiting for an update on their lamb sausage with red wine and feta, and we’ll let you know!

Current Specials
Argyllshire Farm: 10% off Mutton Items!
Lewis Waite Farm: Beef Shank w/meat and marrow pieces on sale! Keep the kitchen cool while the crock pot makes dinner! Now $3.99/lb – perfect for Osso Bucco!

Introducing Mack Brin Farms: Pastured Chicken
Julianne is working hard on her farm, doing it all herself. Though not certified, her fields have been clean for 15 years. Her chickens are moved daily through the fields, and supplemented with local feed – non GMO, non medicated. There is a limited supply, but we are working on getting more in as we can. These pastured birds have excellent flavor. The first batch will be 50 HENS, and we are picking these up on Thursday, July 28th. We can’t make anything available on the website until we have them back and counted, but feel free to write and reserve some!

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