Week 5 delivery

This list is not complete.  We will get the full list Sunday after the harvest is finished. [updates in red]
  • Summer Squash-3 pounds-The larger Patty Pan and Romanesco are especially good sliced cross wise, brushed with olive oil and grilled.  They are a bit drier and meatier than the other Summer Squash varieties.
  • Cucumbers-1 green
  • Poona Kheera Cucumber-1 
  • Solix Red Leaf Lettuce-1 head
  • Encino Green Leaf Lettuce-1 head
  • Scallions-1 bunch
  • Thai Basil-1 bunch
  • Cilantro-1 bunch
  • Eggplant-1
  • We are also sending a bag of Okra.  Members can take it if they wish.  Members either love it or hate it and this is the best way to get the Okra to those that would like it.
Fruit Share-First Week For Members that Ordered the Optional Fruit Share
  • Red Currants-Organic-1 basket-slightly tart fruit.  Cook with water and sugar or sweetener to make a great sauce or eat them raw.
  • Blueberries-1 basket-local
  • Apricots-1 basket-local-the apricots have some hail damage on them.  It will be small spots on the skin.  The orchards had a hail storm early in the year and the damage follows the fruit until harvest.
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