Farmer’s Note, week 4


Week #4

What’s In the Bag

Dear CSA Member

Beautiful sunny weather finally after days of rain and overcast skies.  The plants need the rain, but with out the sunshine, they just do not grow.  Transplanting continues, cultivating, weeding, harvesting.  Our weeks move so quickly.

With all of the rain and cooler temperatures, the lettuces have just continued to dominate the garden.  We are still waiting for the summer time vegetables to catch up and take off.  There will be a time in the not so distant future of CSA Season 2011, that the lettuces will stop and we will not have any more until next spring time.  We have tried in the past to grow lettuce into the fall, but with the intense heat of the summer here in the foot hills of the Catskills, have not been successful so have stopped trying to push our lettuces into fall.  Enjoy them while they are plentiful and delicious.  Our friend and fellow farmer Carol Clement, Heather Ridge Farm, has a great farm store and cafe located in Preston Hollow.  Carol faithfully comes to our farm to pick up vegetables to use at the cafe.  She passed along this posting from a customer that raved about our lettuces:

Members have been wondering when the farm visits will take place this year.  There are two farm visits each season.  The first will be July 22 and is a Farm Work Visit.  We will probably be pulling garlic but that will be determined when the time comes closer.  The second is the Farm Festival on September 10.  That is just fun and a great day to come and visit the farm.  I hope you will mark these dates on your calendar.

This is the last week you can add a Fruit Share to your Vegetable Share if you have not already done so.  To add a Fruit Share, log into your CSA account on the farm website and place the order.  If you have any trouble or have a question, please send an e-mail and we will get back in touch with you at

A member has requested that Brenna include storage tips to the recipe page.  She will be adding Storage Tips under the Vegetable index.  If you have questions, ideas or recipes to share, please e-mail her at

Enjoy the Vegetables

Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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