Ordering CSA extras for 6/15 – deadline tonight

We hope everyone got a chance to sample the honey, chutney, cider, and other products available from Lewis Waite Farm on Monday evening. Just a reminder to place orders by midnight tonight (Wednesday, 6/15) for next week’s delivery. Pick up will be at the Yorkville CSA location, East 74th Street. Go to www.csalewiswaitefarm.com to order.

Product Updates
Argyllshire Farm: Barbara has a fresh supply of lamb!
Cayuga Pure Organics: Yellow Pop Corn is now available! – temporarily sold out – sorry!
Sweet Spring Farm: Jeff is back in action, and now offering a goat’s milk Feta! Brined and then removed from the brine and chopped into small chunks for easy use.
Lewis Waite Farm: We are out of the bacon slices you might be used to, but try the leaner Canadian or Shoulder bacon this time. If there is a pork or beef cut that you are looking for but can’t find, please email us at nkdbrown@lewiswaitefarm.com.

Current Specials
Argyllshire Farm: Barbara is offering an additional 5% off on the Young Mutton cuts. You can find these items below of the Grass Fed and Finished Lamb.
Lewis Waite Farm: Delmonico Sale! Try our 100% grass fed Delmonico (boneless ribeye) for $14.98/lb for the June deliveries.
O’Donnell Hill Farm: Chuck Sale! Try these wet-aged grass fed beef chuck steaks and roasts for $1.50 off/lb this month!

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