Week 1 delivery

  • Rhubarb-1 bunch-a spring time favorite.  Sour tasting so it will need a sweetener.
  • Radishes-1 bunch
  • Red Sail Lettuce 2 heads
  • Buttercrunch-1 head-a very smooth, creamy lettuce
  • Mizuna-1 bunch-an Oriental Green
  • Suehlihung Mustard-1 bunch
  • Garlic Scapes-6-The young seed head of the garlic plant.  We remove it to help the plant put more energy toward producing the garlic bulb.  Absolutely great garlic flavor.  Use as you would garlic.  Makes a great Garlic Scape Pesto.
  • Sage with edible Flowers-1 bunch-Add the flowers to your salad.  The leaves have the most flavor.  Use fresh or hang to dry for use later.
A note about the Mustard and Mizuna 
Benjamin Franklin has been quoted as saying “Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.”  For upstate New York organic farmers, flea beetles should be added to that list.  They are a very small, fast moving beetle that are present every spring time and almost impossible for organic farmers to control.  They make small round holes in the leaves of all of the greens in the mustard family  We cover all of our spring greens with a floating row cover to exclude the beetles, but they always find their way under the cloth.  Seasoned CSA members will know that the damage is only cosmetic.
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