Farmer’s Note, week 1

What’s In the Bag
Week #1 2011

Dear CSA Member
Another year has made its way around the circle and we are ready to start our 2011 CSA deliveries.  So many things have happened over the winter.  

Our greatest joy is that our daughter Brenna has returned to work with us on the farm.  She graduated with a degree in Nutrition and worked as a Nutritionist before returning to the farm.  We are so glad to have her home on the farm crew once again.  Brenna will have a new featured recipe each week on the farm website, Recipe page.  She would also like to hear from members with their ideas, questions, and recipes.  Please e-mail her at  This week “Spring Rhubarb Cake.”

Pete and I travelled to Honduras this last January and met with a new group of coffee farmers.  They live in the Cloud Forest Region around Mt. Comayagua, Rio Negro Honduras.  They are determined, hard working families that have banded together to produce and sell organic coffee beans from Honduras.  You can find out more about the Coffee Project and also order coffee, honey and maple syrup online at the farm website.  If you have trouble remembering your username or just are not sure how to log in and order, please send the farm an e-mail at

You will find the list of what will fill your bag below: spring time greens, rhubarb, radishes.  The taste is just perfect for the start of the new CSA harvest.

Enjoy the Vegetables
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm
Pete, Deborah, Peter, Arliss, Brenna
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