Volunteer Sign-Ups

The first delivery of the 2011 season is less than 5 weeks away! That means it’s time to start signing up for volunteer shifts, to staff the weekly pick-ups. Miles has sent out an email with a Google Docs link to a spreadsheet; please follow those instructions and fill in your name and email address (or phone number) into one of the 2-hour shifts. There will be a printed version of the calendar at Lenox Hill each week once delivery begins, so if you need to change your time, or if your schedule is still up in the air, there will be more chances to sign up. And if you can’t remember what you signed up for, check out the “Volunteer schedule” link above.

The volunteer shifts are a great way to get to know other members of our CSA, and the duties involved are minimal (checking off people’s names, refilling the vegetable bins, chatting with Miles). And the 2-hour time commitment is essential to keeping our CSA running smoothly for the 24-week season. Thank you in advance!

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