Farmer’s Note, week 19

Please note: This week’s pick-up will be on Tuesday, October 12th, 4:00-6:30PM, due to Columbus Day.

Dear CSA Member,

Each morning early before we start the day I have been walking around the border of our fields to take in the fall colors of the woods and also the fields. The fields are waves of green and turquoise of kale and collards and the trees are just starting to change their color.  The sky is full of the predator birds that live on the farm.  One dead tree that sits between two fields is a favorite roost and yesterday there were three hawks in various positions in the tree.  The Bald Eagles seem to stay more to the creek but I saw one swoop down and land on some unsuspecting creature on the far end of the field.  As we finish a crop the plant residue is mowed down and then worked into the soil to prepare a bed for the seeding of winter rye.   Many of the summer crops are now finished and the creatures that have been living under their cover and also enjoying the harvest are exposed and the predator birds are having a feast.

With this delivery there are only 6 remaining weeks of the CSA season.  A number of members have contacted me about registration for 2011.  We are working on the registration for next season and I will send an e-mail once we are all set.  It will probably be by the beginning to mid November.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather and the harvest.

Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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