Week 18 delivery

  • Beets-1 pound
  • Acorn Winter Squash-2
  • Delicata Winter Squash-2
  • Mini Purplette Onions- 1/2 pound
  • Peppers-3
  • Green Tomatoes-1 pound
  • Red Russian Kale-1 bunch
  • Carrots-1 pound
  • Sage-1 bunch-My favorite way to cook Winter Squash is with Sage.  Skin then halve the Winter Squash.  Cut in 1/2 and then slice each 1/2 into 1/4″ moons.  Sautee the sliced winter squash in olive oil just until getting soft.  Add a sliced onion and sage leaves to the squash.  Continue to cook until everything is soft.  The winter squash will get slightly browned.  Salt and pepper to taste.  So good.
  • Broccoli-2 heads

Fruit Share-in one bag

  • Mutsu Apples
  • McCoun Apples
  • Bosc Pears

[updates in red]

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