Farmer’s Note, week 17

Dear CSA Member,
The temperatures remain unusually high and we have still not had a good rain or even a shower this month.  Reservoirs are going dry in the area but our irrigation pond and also our well have been holding.  We continue to irrigate the fall crops.  This is very unusual for us so late in the season.  By now the irrigation supplies are generally cleaned and stored in the barns waiting for next season.  The only thing that has been consistently falling from the sky are acorns.  We are surrounded by oak forests and the acorns are falling by the buckets.  The sound they make as they hit the metal roof of the barn is alarming.
The warm weather has made tomato harvest last and last.  This week will bring another 2 pounds per share.  We picked green tomatoes as well this week and have tried to mix ripe and green tomatoes equally in the crates.  In years past members have requested green tomatoes and finally with the second planting of tomatoes doing so well, we are able to send them this year.
This is the first Collard harvest for the season.  Just my favorite fall green.  This is also the first of the Carnival Winter Squash.  If you would like to read more about the Winter Squash varieties that will come your way, information about garlic and other interesting fall vegetable information,  go to the farm website and click on “Newsletter”.  Download the Fall Newsletter PDF at that link.  I have also updated the reading section of the website with cookbooks that feature apples.
Enjoy the beautiful season and the bounty of our fall harvest.
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm
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