Week 15 delivery

  • Potatoes-2 pounds
  • Carrots-1 bunch
  • Peppers-3
  • Hot Peppers if you like
  • Tomatoes-1 pound
  • Swiss Chard-1 bunch
  • Garlic Chive Flowers-1 bunch.  The flowers as well as the leaves are edible.  A mild garlic flavor
  • Thai Basil-1 bunch
  • Delicata Winter Squash-2
  • Broccoli-2 heads
Fruit Share: 1 bag of
  • Seckle Pears
  • Cortland Apples
  • Gala Apples
Seckles are small, sweet pears.  Cortand are a great apple for applesauce. Keep the skin on, cook and mash.  A beautiful color.  Gala are a favorite eating apple.
This week is a Coffee Share pick-up.
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