Farm Work Trip, Saturday 8/21

The farm work trip on Saturday, August 21st is coming up and  I figured I would take this opportunity to give you the information on it:
This trip will be a real working visit.  They have scheduled time from 11-3 but we can arrive earlier and leave any time we need to. We need to bring our lunch, plenty of water and dress for work. Deb made sure to emphasize that we should bring sun screen and wear a hat.  She’s not sure what we will be doing yet, but it is usually hot and dirty, just part of working on the farm, as she said.  Deb and Peter usually stay with the members during the work visit and also take time to show us around the fields, but most of the time is working.
Deb is also going to open their berry patch for us to pick our own raspberries at the end of the day.  The cost will be $4 per pound and we need to bring our own containers.  Doing this depends on rain, if the berries are wet, we cannot pick them.

Directions can be found on the farm’s website.

– Miles

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