Farmer’s note, week 4

Dear CSA Member,
With summer also come some of the vegetables that you have been waiting for: Summer Squash and Sugar Snap Peas.  I think that both are member favorites, the Sugar Snap Peas make a one week appearance, the Summer Squash should be with us for a while.
The Sugar Snap peas are an edible pod pea.  Snap the string that lines one side of the pod and eat the whole thing.  They are great raw and also wonderful cooked quickly so they are still bright green and crunchy.  Enjoy them because they are here for such a very short time.
The Summer Squash is a plant that will continue to produce for quite a while as long as we continually pick the ripening squash.  There are five different varieties that will come your way over the summer: Zucchini (long green), Zephyr (long 1/2 green, 1/2 yellow), Romanesco (blocky, lighter green with ribs), Sunburst Patty Pan ( round, yellow and green), Goldie ( a new addition this year, bright yellow zucchini).  They will come in no particular order.  They are just starting and so the number is limited this first week.
Many members over the years have expressed interest in the honey bee population at the farm.  Our honey bees and also natural pollinators have been doing very well.  I think it is probably our diverse cropping, no chemicals and natural habitat that surrounds the farm.  A member sent an e-mail with an interesting article that you may be interested in reading about honey bees.  Go to to read about “Beauty and the Bees”.
Enjoy the Vegetables and Happy Summer-
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm
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