Farmer’s note, week 3

Dear CSA Member.
Salad days are still here and there are beautiful lettuces in your share again this week.  Romaine is new this week and so big and grand this year.  If you would like a break, why not try the Romaine grilled.  I found quite a number of recipes on line for grilled Romaine.  Romaine is hearty enough to hold up to grilling and it might be a nice change.
I have been thinking about the seasonality of our food after a conversation with a new member.  She was wondering why the Bok Choi came and went so quickly.   A plant’s main job is to produce seed for the next generation.  The plant matures and then tries to complete their cycle and  put out their seed head if we do not pick and eat it first.  Bok Choi, Arugula, Mizuna  grow quickly, like the cool weather and are staples for us in the spring.  As soon as the days start to heat up, the plant is triggered to produce seed. A thin stalk shoots up from the center with a flowered top.  If left alone, the flowers will mature into seeds for the next generation.  Most plants have a natural built in defense, they become very bitter when the seed head is formed.  With a bitter taste, the plant is less likely to be eaten.  Our season turns from cold to cool to warm to hot very quickly and we are lucky to get one good week from these plants before they bolt and go to seed.
Lettuces are a bit more resilient to the heat and warmer days, but not by much.  All of the greens that are now probably overflowing in your refrigerator will be a memory in only a couple of weeks.  Summer Squash and Sugar Snap Peas should be ready in a week or two.
Two new beauties, Summer Spinach and Bright Lights Swiss Chard are also in your share this week.  If all of these greens are too much to eat in a week, wash, cut and steam them.  Cool and place in a zip lock freezer bag.  You will be glad to have a bag of frozen greens for use later on.
If you are planning on adding a Fruit Share and have not done so, please go to the farm website, Fruit Share listing and download the PDF from the link provided.  Send it to the farm so your name can be added to the list.  Fruit Shares start in two weeks.
Our first official Farm Work Day will be July 16.  More information will be coming.  For members that would like to come and work and stay in the area another day I thought it would be a good time to schedule the work day because the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival is being held that week,  July 15-18, right down the road.  You can find more information about the Festival at
Enjoy the Vegetables-Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm
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